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Ferguson Brown tractor

Following the successful 1933 demonstration of his Black Tractor, Harry Ferguson spent the next couple of years overcoming certain problems with the hydraulic system. In 1935 these difficulties had been resolved and a deal was struck whereby David Brown Tractors would build the machines at their Huddersfield works and Harry Ferguson Ltd would sell them.

The first 550 Model A tractors were fitted with Coventry Climax L engines giving them around 20 HP. After this Coventry Climac were retooling and so David brown bought the patterns and made the engines themselves.

Every engine was tested for power output before leaving the factory and the machinery was carefully rust-proofed before receiving a coat of Ferguson Grey paint. The price of each tractor was initially set at £224 with a basic range of implements to go with it being £26. By contrast the contemporary Fordson cost only £140 and this, along with the depressed state of the economy, meant sales were comparatively low. (1350 were built between 1936-1938). Despite an aggressive sales policy and even though 15-20 machines were being made each week, unsold tractors began to be stockpiled at the factory by 1937. Differences of opinion over how to increase sales led to a parting of the ways between Harry Ferguson and David Brown.

Harry Ferguson took the Ferguson Brown No 722 complete with a range of implements to America in October 1938 and Eber Sherman arranged for Harry Ferguson to demonstrate the Ferguson Brown tractor to Henry Ford Senior. So impressed was Henry Ford that he and Harry Ferguson concluded a deal with a simple handshake, a gentlemen's agreement. The outcome of this agreement was the Ford-Ferguson 9N.

Ferguson Brown tractor
Ferguson Brown tractor


Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson Handshake Agreement

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